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Your Turn Guys – Show me your AC/DC BALLS


In return I have something special for you!
So who has those AC/DC Balls and wants to submit their video of themselves to me to possibly post on the site??? I am not asking for X-Rated, perverted, or nude video. In fact I prefer not, flirtatious and provocative yes!

You can review any of my content or services, give feedback, ask me questions . . .

I will respond back if need be with video too! Are you thinking about it??
Or you can do something else,  think of something on your own, be creative!!

Ok, so what if I said everyone who does submit a video will get 5 free minutes toward any live or recorded purchase you make (private show, custom video, phonesex) PLUS 1 months
free access to my Private Full Featured Version of The Live Voyeur Houses Viewer
(features a full screen viewing option) I have 3 – 4 cameras/views going (in my house)
There are other Voyeur houses to peep into too! I go live 5-7 days a week, and usually have my cams on for at least
2 hours at a time or longer. (minimum is 1 hour)

Members Live Voyeur House Cam - Members View

Members Access A – Bigger video image displayed plus you can go full screen mode too! Below the Voyeur interface there is much more xxx content for you to enjoy! Archived Live Shows, Clips, VIP Content, Rude TV, Premium member submitted content.

Normally this room is not too adult we do whatever and
nobody is supposed to make requests, but you can have some fun with it!!
So come on my site sucks . . . I need some content and interaction. . . .pretty please with sugar on top



 FREE PUBLIC VIEW BELOW (chat disabled)
Click here to go there now!

Live Voyeur House Cam - Public View

FREE VERSION: Small live video image & chat is visible but disabled from join or I at least have not figured it out. It appears as though you can enter a chat name to chat but you never get inside.





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